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Chimney or Not book electronic spec copy

A Note from the Author

As a show director for the Walt Disney Company, an Executive Creative Director for Walt Disney Imagineering. and a writer and director for theme parks and cruise lines the world over, I have been involved in the business of creating magic and wonder in the field of family entertainment for forty years.


From Super Bowl Halftime Shows to Sesame Street Live national tours, from Olympic celebrations to the Broadway stage, my greatest joy remains the writing and teaching of literature and theater for kids.  I have authored a multitude of children's original educational musicals, however this is my first published holiday book for children.  


It is my hope that this little book will inspire every child to continue to believe in Santa Claus.  After all, Santa's boundless generosity and love make perfect sense to little people who would all do the same for each other  -- if only they owned a sleigh and some reindeer.

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* The book includes a playful "Holiday Checklist" and a child's "Practice Letter" to Santa Claus! 
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