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Educational Projects

 Whether creating educational theatrical projects for the classroom, teaching master classes related to the “business of show business” for high schools and universities, or as a commencement or Guest Speaker at a high-profile corporate event, Marilyn goal is to inspire her listeners to achieve greater success by increasing their self-confidence and re-igniting their creative strengths. 


  • “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” – Tailored presentation for corporate or post-graduate audiences aiming to improve their customer service.  Multi-media and musical elements are woven into this unforgettable live presentation.


  • “Whittier High School Academy of Performing Arts “ – A professional after-school addendum course for high school students interested in pursuing more advanced studies in the performing arts. 


  • “That’s Entertainment” – Musical Theater Camp for kids ages 6-12.  Produced for seven years in both California and Arizona. 


  • “The Magic Circus” – A children’s syndicated television series about the adventures of a rag-tag circus family.  (Check out Tansy the Tap Dancing Tiger to see Marilyn in song & dance action!)


  • “Show Me the Money!” – With book and lyrics by Marilyn Magness, this is an original elementary school musical that teaches children about the American patriots who appear on American dollar bills.


  • “A Spoonful of Sherman” – A sentimental, interactive tribute to incomparable Disney composer, Richard Sherman. 


  • “Disney Kids!” – A new, Disney-themed summer theater arts camp for kids.  Coming to Bend, Oregon in the summer of 2021.


  • “The Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss” – Musical show that inspires young kids to read through interactive musical storytelling.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

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