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Spectaculars & Parades

Creating and mounting an arena spectacular, seasonal festival, or thematic parade that touches the minds and hearts of thousands of individuals en-masse is a unique talent. Marilyn’s extraordinary career reflects a vast amount of work both in and outside of the Walt Disney Company.  She has executed events in some of the world's biggest venues and along the most famous parade routes in the world.  When the celebration utilizes hundreds or even thousands of cast members, Marilyn’s responsibility increases to include not only the oversight of the creative and technical teams, but the concerns of safety, security, crowd control, cast support, transportation, food, beverage, merchandise and backstage management. Whether an Olympic or World Cup ceremony, a world-class parade, a massive statehood celebration or landmark corporate and charity anniversary, Marilyn remains attuned to every detail of pre and post-production insuring that all business unit targets are met and that customer expectations are exceeded. 

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